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Calling all camp counselors and daycare directors. Are you having your own summer camps and programs throughout the year? Do you do field trips or look for vendors to come on-site? We can work with you and have a paint or craft day.


  • On-Site or at Our Studio. Same Price!

  • Choice of painting or craft.

  • Classes last about 90 minutes.

  • 30 minutes to set up and about 15 minutes to clean up if on site.



  • $10 Watercolor painting

  • $12 per kid - 8" x 10" Wrapped Canvas 

  • $14 per kid - 11" x 14" Wrapped Canvas (Good for groups that have kids 7 and older)

  • $18 per kid - Wood Door Hanger (All Ages) 

  • Each season we have a painting theme for everyone! It will never repeat.

  • Age appropriate and we can split the classes based on age


We have everything needed to run this class, We will even clean up! You do not need to bring anything or have anything but space if on-site at your location. These canvases will be pre-traced and ready to go. 

Email us for more information or to schedule a date and time.  

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