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With help from The Local Spark, you could raise money for a special charity and involve family, friends, and your local community by hosting a paint party! Art-based fundraising ideas are engaging for many audiences, especially for those who may not necessarily enjoy active fundraisers.

Here’s the plan…

  • Get in touch with us to start planning! 

  • Choose your date.  We suggest booking your fundraiser at least 6 weeks in advance to allow adequate time to sell at least 25 tickets so the event is even more profitable for you.

  • Book a location to hold your fundraiser. 

  • Select a Painting.

  • Promote your event.   We can assist you in creating a flyer for your event, and The Local Spark will advertise your event on our website and through social media to assist you in selling tickets.

  • The fundraiser rate will be $25 per painter with a 15-painter minimum. 

  • The ticket price is up to you.  We suggest pricing your event’s tickets between $35-$50.  This way your organization earns a minimum of $10 for each ticket sold.  

  • We will provide you with a link to our website's event page to help you sell tickets, or you can manage ticket sales.  

​Partnering with The Local Spark for Fundraising is a PERFECT way to increase visibility, create a revenue stream with the support of your community, and do something fun and interesting that everyone can appreciate, share and relate to. 

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